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True Interaction is a dynamic and responsive consultancy specializing in the development of digital products and services primarily for the mid-market business sector. Our team expertly designs, develops, deploys, and maintains critical systems for businesses, driven by award-winning design methodology and recognized ethical leadership

We primarily serve sectors such as: Pharma, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Consumer Hard Goods, Automotive, Non-Profits, and Logistics. View our History of Industries Served

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In the era of AI-powered solutions, the next frontier lies in biotechnology. Leveraging decades of experience in heavy industry, we excel in data pre-processing, exploratory data analysis (EDA), enrichment, model testing and tuning, and deployment to cloud or edge services.

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Our history

For more than a decade, True Interaction has empowered individual clients within organizations to achieve meaningful business goals through the delivery of high-quality, impactful results. Our tailored solutions repeatedly enhance business units and the broader organization, driving measurable business outcomes. 

Memorial Ground Breaking Ceremony
We take pride in delivering monumental designs. Photo: USMC Groundbreaking

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Our philosophy & clients

Our philosophy centers on the idea that “truing” the interaction points between systems and users not only improves the operational business efficacy but also increases value to the end customer, which creates a competitive edge for the business in a market. 

Since 2012, we have been committed to realizing this philosophy by delivering measurable results, to an array of small to mid-market businesses and organizations. 

Clients Served: StoneRidge, Exiger, NoFraud, Lifetime Brands, Golden Key, Magnet360, Reprise Media, USMC, SAP, Girls Club, Wittman Battenfeld, Media Brands, WorldNow, Ipsos, Otsuka, HAVAS media, McCann Worldgroup, Universal McCann, GSK, MetLife, Northeastern U, Farmer & Co., Y&R, JWT, Grey Mexico, FCB, México, Ogilvy & Mather, Alvarado Molina, Curiosity, Initiative, Beker, V09, Indistar, Primer Nivel, Anonimo, Herrero, Grupo Ferrer, Primer Nivel, Ache Producciones, Proenza, NetRoadShow.

Our clients are everyday business application power users. Photo: Lifetimebrands
Our solutions serve communities. Photo: Girls Inc.
Non-Profit Historical Documentation
Our best work serves generations. Photo: USMC WWII Memorial

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Meaningful & impactful results

Our portfolio spans a diverse range of projects including mobile apps, desktop software suites, enterprise cloud services, robust account management systems, and specialized tools for financial and legal management, corporate research, fraud detection, eCommerce, quality control, learning management, customer service, consumer goods, IoT, media planning, business intelligence, analytics and enterprise resource planning, and more…

*Disclosure: Here is a small sample of projects for public disclosure. Active projects are not disclosed. Hover over the images below to discover more about each project. These projects were built by various teams over many months.

Securely built applications for global reach

We’ve built compliant systems for finance, legal, transportation, logistics, corporate investigation, healthcare sectors.

Consumer-grade experiences with enterprise-grade services

We’ve build robust applications to scale with the markets, and we’ve built efficient code to limit maintenance and server expenses. 

Proven Methods for Success

We are dedicated to elevating our customers to the next level through quality work, clear communication, and timely delivery.

We research

Patterns can emerge from clear context, which informs opportunities and architecture.

We architect

Efficient systems increase performance quality and experience. Full-stack architecture considerations drive fast and accurate information systems.

We design & develop

Applications must be consumer-centric, user-friendly, fast and supportive, else exhaustive customer service department demand will increase, and brand equity will decrease.

We deliver

Products and services that are well designed and considerate to the needs of their audience are well received, and require continual maintenance to adapt to changes.

Small Teams, Big Results

Many projects require full-stack support, or 24/7 365 support coverage, or exclusive on-premise resources, or a farm of talent to rotate as they innovate. True Interaction has been the vehicle by which diverse teams deliver meaningful and impactful results.

🏆 12+ years of service 🏆

Founder Odin Liam Wright speaking at AI World Boston

About the Founder

Founded in 2012 by Odin Liam Wright, a Data Scientist and Computer Science Professor at CUNY, True Interaction was established with the goal of assisting clients with critical, time-sensitive projects that significantly enhance business conditions.

His personal aim is to help businesses gain a competitive edge, enhance operational functions, or increase sales within specific markets. The Lester Granger Award for Ethical Leadership was received July 2018 for “untiring labor in the struggle for equal opportunity for all” which marked a meaningful end to an impactful project.

As a CUNY professor, he believes in empowering the next generation with knowledge and experience, to build the society of tomorrow. 

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True Interaction, LLC is a limited liability company with managers and preferred partners, providing a mix of consulting and technical development services. Teams are tailored for project longevity. Contact us, if you think we’re a good fit for you.

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