Social Solutions


Sometimes the universe calls on you to be at the center of it all, in order to fuse together relationships, ideas and material to change how society interacts. We have had the privilege of serving various facets of society to help build up and enrich lives through considerate innovation that looks at the full spectrum of the human condition.


True Interaction looks at challenging social situations as an opportunity to deliver a meaningful long-lasting solution that impacts the trajectory of the human condition towards unity and prosperity using design and technology.

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Technology increases our power, which increases our responsibility to care for the society it impacts. True Interaction intercedes aware of the new digital landscape upon which our society resides.


Cybersecurity has taken on a new urgency with the emergence of ransomware attacks, the spread of crippling global viruses and state-sponsored cyber-attacks. Our events tackle complex issues involved in addressing this pervasive challenge and discuss the strategic, tactical and technology issues faced by businesses and all stakeholders in keeping their collective enterprises safe from cyber-attacks. We look at the wave of new regulation – especially at the state level – that will likely serve as a national blueprint for cybersecurity regulatory efforts in the future and the new burdens and responsibilities this places of U.S. companies.


Racism is an unusual concept to tackle, as it is a problem that has been created by us knowingly and unknowingly. It is a story we tell ourselves and repeat to our children. Depending on who you ask it is pervasive in our language and pop-culture and results in institutional calcification. In order to combat this, changing the fundamental story from that of victimhood to awe-inspiring humanity we find that we can take pride in our collective decisions to honor the human spirit to challenge and change.


Communities support the growth and well-being of their members, and the better they operate in attracting new members and serving them with value, we believe the healtieher society will be. Therefore we keep an eye out for meaningful organizations and projects that help fuel and enrich social growth and well-being using technology, data and automation.