Sales Portal

Combining data from over a dozen locations into a single user-friendly interface, the Sales Portal system links sales planning and planning procedures to the strategic sales plan, minimizes the time spent gathering data, maximizes the time for strategic decision making, automates collections and consolidation of budgets, enables collaboration, tracks sentiment, provides various level managers with fiscal control, and establishes a data warehouse for insightful financial planning and reporting, all within a beautiful user-experience.

The Sales Portal system is not only cost-effective to implement, it also saves Lifetime Brands hundreds of thousands of man-hours in future enterprise operations.

Sales Portal allows us to simplify and focus the sales process, and ensure the lines of communications between sales and marketing teams are in perfect harmony. Additional benefit is gained from the resulting structured data that we can use to make informed decisions on what our customers are looking for and to better equip our sales team.

Clifford Siegel, EVP Global Supply Chain, Lifetime Brands

About True Interaction True Interaction provides business-technology solutions for Lifetime Brands, a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware and other products used in the home. True Interaction expertise includes global quality management, customer relationship management, call-center systems, supply-chain project management, contract management, as well as inventory and warehouse management.